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Global Warming

Dear Dr. Fred S. Singer:


My name is Yoshiaki Ito. I have been studying global warming in ESL 91 class in Kingsborough Community College. Today, global warming is a very serious problem. Since the Industrial Revolution happened, people have been burning so many gases, oils and coals. There are mainly two theories what causes global warming. One of the theories is that burning gases, oils and coals effects global warming. The other theory is that global warming is a natural phenomenon as earth had ice age and warm age before as you are theorizing. Actually, I disagree with your theory.

 “Climate warmed between 1900 and 1940, long before humanity used much energy.” (What’ up with the As you said the climate changes every few thousand years as there were cold periods and warm periods in the past. However, since the Industrial Revolutions beginning in the 19th century, air temperature has been rising significantly more than ever. It shows that global warming is not occurring naturally, but human activities cause it. There are also some examples why human activities matter to global warming as I state below.

Since the Industrial Revolution people have started using fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels produces CO2. On the other hand, people have been cutting down trees.  Cutting trees has been decreasing the amount of oxygen and density of CO2 has been increasing. Besides CO2, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, which are considered green house gases have been increasing in the air. Usually the heat coming from the sun hits the surface of the earth and returns into space. Therefore, the earth can keep certain temperature, but if there are green house gases, they will block the heat to go back to the space. Ultimately, if the heat which can’t go back into space is accumulated on the surface of the earth, it will raise temperature of the earth. This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect. 

According to (EPA's Global warming web site, “surface temperatures have increased 0.5-1.0F since the late 19th century” and you say that “That is, it won't make any difference to people” (what’ up with the weather.) It doesn’t seem to be that much, but 20 century was one of the warmest years in the history. In fact, every year temperature has been rising for decades.  For even one air temperature rising, we can anticipate what disasters will happen. For example, because of global warming, dry regions land gets even dryer and area of deserts will be spread, in fact, size of the desert in earth has been increasing. Secondly, ocean temperature will rise and bigger rain fall and hurricanes come in the same region at the same time. It will cause huge floods. In fact, there were unusual enormous hurricanes in USA this year and very heavy rain fall hit my home town in Japan last year. Many people died because of them. It is definitely related to the temperature rising. Thirdly, iceberg and permafrost in North Pole will melt and sea level is going to rise.  Most of the major cities are located by the ocean so those major cities and small islands will sink into the ocean. Humans have to move more to inland areas.

As a result, because of those natural disasters some animal habitats which cannot adjust for the climate changing will become extinct. The same thing will happen for vegetations as well and sooner or later humans will lose their food and even die.  

Global warming is not a natural phenomenon. It’s happening right now and caused by humans. Of course there is a certain period for climate changing, but humans are changing the climate much more drastically by making green house gases.  We already have difficultly getting rid off all green house gases, however, if we keep burning fossil fuel as we are doing now it will accelerate global warming even worse. Every single one of us has to help not to use electricity or gas. Undoubtedly, we are already used to using technologies, but actually it’s not that difficult to reduce making CO2. For example, use the train instead of driving a car. Stop using A/C. Recycling is also important. I don’t know what you think about my essay, but this is why I disagree with your theory.





Yoshiaki Ito

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