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Most influential Person (Iggy Pop)


While I have been residing in NYC, one of the most interesting occurrences that far is being involved in Rock Music. I am able to see and experience a variety of concerts by numerous artists. I got ritually influenced by those artists. So, I chose the most influential person for me from filed of music. Actually, choosing only a single person was quite a challenge for me, because there are a quite few people whom I’m influenced by. However, in my humble opinion, “Iggy Pop” has been the best for me so far. Since I his concert, my way to think about rock music has changed the most and even my life style rather than I saw any other artists. Since I came to NYC, I have had so many chances to see famous rock bands, which are hard to see in Japan. I wanted to discover as many bands as I could so I started to study about rock history though books and web pages. Especially, I focused on “Punk Rock”. Because I have considered NYC equals Punk Rock. Meanwhile, I have learned many big artists’ names, and who influenced who or who was root of those bands. Consequently, I realized one very interesting fact, that even if I research many rock bands from many genres, I always end up seeing a name “Iggy pop”. I’m curious about him. I researched his biography and his music. And then, I knew he is a singer who has been always at the top of music scene since he debuted till even today. He has brought so many new techniques, and broke taboos. He has influenced so many posterities. He is the one of pioneers of the one of the most important music revolutionary style “Punk Rock”. Today, he is admired as a “God Father of Punk” by many people. I do too. His music, especially, at the beginning of his tunes is incredible. Those are made in the mid ‘60s in Detroit. At the time USA was anarchy because of Vietnam’s war and population of unemployed was increasing, and many riots were braking out. Young people in rock bands, such as Iggy Pop, were left with nothing, and they sung the madness to audiences. The word “Punk” means inferior. Basically, their codes are pretty simple, but what they want say in songs was very powerful and meaningful. There are still many rock bands debut as a punk today bands, but they never be beyond of bands in the 60’s 70’s, because their backgrounds are much weaker than bands in the ‘60s ‘70s. I don’t consider any bands in these days’ as punk bands at all. After I met Iggy’s songs I learned how tough life they spent and how strong they could be. Since then I have started listing only ’60s ‘70s rock music. Sometimes when I’m depressed or in trouble I listen Iggy’s music and think about if I camper my situation now with his situation when his song was written, I feel my problem is very tiny. And I can recover very easily and tolerant most of difficulties. Seeing his live stage is way more exciting than listening his CDs in my room. His energetic and wild performance, powerful voice, skilled band and audiences’ unity are out standing. He usually appear with topless, run on the stage energetically and provocation audience. His concert is very fun. I can not image he was doing such a concerts in 60’s. He is the one of the first person who broke taboos. He has been playing already more than 30 years with almost original member. I have never seen such a band in Japan. I think that the USA. I don’t buy that many CDs but I use the money for concerts instead. If I were in Japan, I still wouldn’t be able to experience such fun. Now, I go to see rock concerts at least twice a month. In the mid 70’s, punk broke out not only in music scene but also in fashion scene. Of course I knew what punk fashion was since I was in Japan, even though I didn’t know about history of punk music and fashion very well. Because I was studying fashion in a college and punk-fashion was the one of my favorite styles. I think, as far as I know, “David Bowie” was one of the first rock musician who promoted original roots of punk-fashion with his music, nevertheless even he definitely couldn’t become such a big star without Iggy’s influence. When Iggy had concert in London David Bowie was stung by Iggy’s exiting performance and style. Later, they helped their carrier each other. They both became huge rock stars and fashion leaders. I learned origin of punk fashion and how strongly fashion, and music scenes are connected that I think most of cases are true. Recently, there are not many people, at least people in Japan, who listen rock music. Of course they are not. Because rock music is getting inferior and only crape songs are sold in CD stores as a top 10. It doesn’t mean there are no more good bands, though. Actually, there are many good bands as well. The fact is that, since music companies bought up or merged, and some commercialized bands which debuted from those big companies, such as bands in MTV are getting very similar. Also they are not as hungry as bands in 60’s, 70’s. They don’t sing well nether write good lyrics. On top of that, Rap music is getting popular. That’s very sad story. When Iggy Pop papered in NYC in summer 2004, he asserted that “Rock Music is still alive” I agree with it but…I hope so. I don’t like 90’s 2000’s rock music very much. Unless I knew Iggy’s existence and only listen those music, I might not have into rock music that much. I wouldn’t know how enjoyable seeing rock concerts are, and I wouldn’t know real punk-fashion story and relation ship between music and fashion. I prefer listing classic rock now, but I hope some new bands, which are as good as Iggy Pop, appear. I believe they will. Because there are so many bands who admire Iggy Pop and they keep listening Iggy Pop, like me. I listen every day, when I’m happy or depressed, in the morning or night. Meeting with Iggy Pop changed my life dramatically.

Great Rock Star Iggy pop Official Site

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